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  • Shires Aluminium Extending Measuring Stick 817

    An easy to use horse measure with extending stem, folding arm and spirit level. Marked in hands and centimetres.
  • Shires Horse Measuring Tape 816

    Pocket size retractable measuring tape, strongly constructed and marked in hands and centimetres.
  • Shires Studs (4) 1304E

    Studs designed with a point making them ideal for hard slippery ground when the going is difficult to gauge or a mixture of ground types. Available in S (16mm), M...

    Revitalise touch close straps on boots. rugs etc to make sure they stick securely with this handy tool that easily removes dirt, fluff and debris

    Practical stud kit with a selection of studs, spanner, and other useful tools in a handy carrying box.
  • Shires Nylon Crib Biter 654

    An effective measure for horses that crib bite. Pressure is induced when the horse tries to arch his neck to suck and swallow air which helps to discourage the habit....
  • Shires Studs (4) 1304C

    Designed for road surfaces and firm, dry ground. Carbon steel with tungsten carbide tip to improve traction and reduce wear. Pack of 4
  • SHIRES Wire Stud Brush & Pick 1307P

    This useful tool features a wire brush at one end and a pick at the other for easy cleaning of stud holes. Comfortable shaped wooden handle.
  • Shires Anti-Crib Collar 1141

    A humane approach to crib biting. The adjustable leather collar attaches over the poll and brow for security and acts by hampering the neck arching required to suck or swallow...
  • Shire Deluxe Punch Pliers 1191A

    A deluxe version of the original hole punch with marked hole sizes and different handle.
  • Shires Horse And Pony Weighband 838

    Strong, easy to clean tape which will measure: girth in centimetres, weight in lbs, weight in kgs and height in hands. Useful for keeping an eye on the horse's weight...
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