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  • Shires Nylon Roller With Fleece Padding 469

    Nylon roller with 11 D-rings, fleece lining across the top and a girth that is adjustable on both sides.
  • Shires Blenheim Leather Neck Strap 447G

    Blenheim quality leather neck strap which acts as a useful aid for extra grip and safety.
  • Shires Blenheim Market Harborough 4199

    Blenheim quality with continental web reins. Useful for lunging, ridden flat work or jumping. Pressure is applied to the bit when the horse raises his head too far, control of...
  • Shire Aviemore leather & elastic side reins 5006

    Leather side reins with elastic inserts and trigger clips.
  • Shires Fleece Lined Lunge Cavesson 428

    This nylon web lunge cavesson benefits from synthetic wool fleece padding at the poll and nose for enhanced comfort and to prevent chaffing.
  • Shires Rope Lunge Rein

    Rope lunging rein with swivel trigger clip at one end and hand loop at the other.

    This training aid gently encourages the horse to work correctly by strengthening the back, stretching the top line, maintaining muscle tone and building muscle in youngsters. A simple rope and...
  • Shires Nylon Harbridge Training Aid 437

    Launched in 1995 the Harbridge has been a huge success and proved invaluable for all disciplines and abilities, since it imitates the perfect pair of hands. Testing has shown the...
  • Hy De Gouge - Black - Cob/Full

    The De Gouge is a training aid. An adaption of the Chambon which can be used when riding.
  • Hy Lunge Cavesson

    Manufactured in 1'' wide polypropylene web with strong metal nose fittings and padded base. 3 buckle fully adjustable on head nose and throat. Featuring a brow band attachment.
  • Hy Training Roller

    A strong adjustable lunge roller with a choice of D rings on each side for optimum use. Made from webbing and leather.
  • PROTACK Lunge Cavesson 3266

    A fully adjustable lunge cavesson with a clip fastening at the throat browband and three metal rings on the padded noseband.
  • PROTACK Training Roller 4970

    This cushion webbing roller is fully adjustable on both sides with several metal rings.
  • Shires Tapestry Neck Strap 4233

    A leather neck strap for balance in the saddle. Ideal for younger or inexperienced riders and experienced riders with unpredictable horses. The Tapestry Neck Strap features elastic inserts, greatly improving...
  • John Whitaker Training System

    Helps to develop the horse's neck and back muscles and encourages proper positioning and self carriage. With adjustable colour coded ropes, sheepskin padding on the bungee and an adjustable roller.
  • Shires elastic training reins 433

    Elastic training aid made from 6mm tubular elastic with adjustment on the poll. Easy to fit, the elastic passes through the bit and clips on to either the saddle D-rings...
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