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  • LeMieux Brite Whites Shampoo

    Highly concentrated whitening shampoo. Use neat on stains or as regular shampoo. Leaves the coat soft shiny & snow white Guaranteed! Brite Whites is a dream come true for greys...
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  • LeMieux Vogue Fly Hoods

    High quality ear covers from LeMieux. Handmade from two styles of close-knit crochet with comfortable high density fabric ears that soften sound. Twin rope detail.
  • LeMieux Fleece Brushing Boots

    Beautifully fitting brushing boot with luxurious soft fleece lining. Grained faux leather outer gives a high quality look. Ultra soft lining prevents rubbing & evens out pressure. Supports lower limb...
  • LeMieux ProSport GP Lustre/Suede Square

    Beautiful suede squares for general purpose saddles sets new standards in style & comfort. High quality fabric structure retains shape & resist shrinkage. The new super soft Bamboo lining keeps...
  • LeMieux ProSport Grafter Pad

    LeMieux ProSport Grafter Pad. Lightweight with strong quality cotton. Ideal all-purpose saddle pad
  • LeMieux Diamante Fly Hoods

    Handmade close-knit crochet with inlaid line of crystal diamante trimed with rope. The comfortable high density ear fabric effectively softens sound. If you like a touch of bling but still...
  • LeMieux Lambskin Breast Girth Cover

    Smart Merino lambskin prevents rubbing and relieves pressure. Extra length allows cover to come round the sides. Can be cut to size. Will take martingales etc.
  • LeMieux Lambskin Half Pad

    Lends professional style and look to any Jumping or Dressage saddle Luxurious Merino wool under weight bearing areas • Swan-Neck and clear-spine relieves pressure allows air flow and improves fit....
  • LeMieux Lambskin Noseband Cover

    Smart Merino lambskin prevents rubbing and focuses horses attention. Can be used as Poll Guard and as 'French Blinkers' on cheek pieces. With Velcro fastening.
  • LeMieux Lambswool GP/Jumping Fully Lined Numnah

    The 'Full Monty'! This numnah has full rolled edges except where the girth passes. Luxurious Merino wool under weight bearing areas with reduced wool thickness under the leg. Swan-Neck and...
  • LeMieux Leather Proform Over Reach Boots

    Contoured for closer tighter fit around heels. Ultra strong Kevlar rear strike protection area. Inner No-Turn knob for added security. Smart leather-look outer to match LeMieux boots
  • LeMieux Leather Wrap Round Over Reach Boots

    Stylish luxurious PU leather over reach boots that are high quality. WrapRound closure that is adjustable as well as easy & quick to remove
  • LeMieux ProSport Close Contact Half Square (D-Ring)

    Designed specifically with the event rider in mind. This classic close-contact cut pad is aimed at a wide range of more forward set jumping saddles. High wither elasticated D-Ring tabs...
  • LeMieux ProSport GP/Jump Work Pads

    Beautiful quilted pads with extra depth under saddle area. Practical for everyday use but smart enough for competition. Cut to fit most general purpose saddles with breathable waffle on one...
  • LeMieux Signature Fly Hoods

    Co-ordinated range of Fly Hoods from LeMieux. Handmade from two styles of close-knit crochet with comfortable sound softening ears. Signature detail in suede matches with saddle pads
  • LeMieux Wool Wash - 1 Litre

    Scientifically formulated to maintain lambskin & lambswool in perfect condition. An essential part of cleaning any LeMieux wool-lined numnah. Unique blend of surfactants & conditioning agents lubricate the skin giving...
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