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  • GOLD LABEL Neatsfoot Oil 1374

    Treats old leather and softens new leather. Blended for spreading and ease of use even in colder weather.
    From £3.95
  • GOLD LABEL Pig Oil & Sulphur 4425

    Old recipe for the conditioning of the legs and feathers and to aid the prevention of any mudborne infections. Especially popular with shire horses.
    From £5.95
  • Gold Label Waterproof Wax 1379

    Re-proofing for all waxed cotton garments especially those that are well worn.
    From £2.95
  • GOLD LABEL Cod Liver Oil 3765

    A mixture of cod liver oil marine oils and pure vegetable oil. A stabilised source of vitamins needed for general health and condition. Ideal for show stock young and pregnant...
    From £4.95
  • GOLD LABEL Green Lipped Mussel GLD0385

    Maintains healthy and pain free joints in horses. Fatty acids and naturally occurring chondroitin and other GLAs combine to lubricate joints support the elasticity of ligaments and aid the shock...
  • GOLD LABEL Brewers Yeast 1238

    Pure pharmaceutical grade brewers yeast a natural source of B group vitamins which are essential for growth and a healthy nervous and digestive system. Recommended as a skin and coat...
    From £10.45
  • GOLD LABEL Bute Free 1239

    A concentrated combination of three proven natural ingredients to help maintain healthy joints and muscles. Contains devils claw yucca fillamentosa and MSM to help maintain healthy supple joints without side...
    From £12.45
  • GOLD LABEL Four Oils 1465

    Contains evening primrose oil a source of linolenic acid which is used in the presence of PMS and dry skin wheatgerm oil a rich source of vitamin E cod liver...
    From £10.45
  • GOLD LABEL Leg Guard 1291

    Helps to protect legs from mud which can carry organisms. Use before hunting cross-country activities and for horses turned out into muddy paddocks. Contains high quality silicones and antibacterial ingredients....
    From £4.45
  • GOLD LABEL Vitamin B12 Oral 1236

    Highly concentrated vitamin B12 metabolic supplement. Can be used by any competition animal before and after an event it is not a prohibited substance. Use as a general pick-up after...
    From £12.95
  • GOLD LABEL Wonder Gel 1323

    A truly unique product to assist the natural healing process. Ingredients include comfrey to aid the growth of new tissue calendula for a natural source of phenols tea tree oil...
    From £6.95
  • GOLD LABEL Aluminium Hoof Hardener GLD1360

    Conditions the hooves and leaves them as hard as rocks.
  • GOLD LABEL Blacker Than Black GLD0191

    Rapid drying cosmetic black hoof varnish. Apply with the brush provided to clean dry hooves for instant lasting black shine. Remove with varnish remover and apply a hoof preparation such...
  • GOLD LABEL Collagen Joint Supplement 1393

    Can be added to any other joint supplement to optimise the absorption and enhance the speed and efficiency. With hydrolysed collagen a naturally occurring protein essential for repair. It is...
    From £17.45
  • GOLD LABEL Eye Wipes 1299

    A hygienic way to clear the eye corners of horses and other animals in a handy pocket pack. Non-sting isotonic formulation with witch hazel and normal saline.
    From £2.45
  • GOLD LABEL Germijelly GLD0155

    Antibacterial gel. Hygienic polytop so no loose cap to become contaminated or lost. Keep in your pocket for emergencies as the gel can be used on minor cuts and grazes....
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