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The Equimins brand has been in existence now for nearly thirty two years and became a registered trademark in December 1992.

Equimins products are proudly made in the UK and our recently added new extension to the production plant has allowed us to cope with the increasing level of business.

Although the business is still growing, it remains a family run concern, where excellent specification quality products are of paramount importance. Flexibility, excellent products and keen pricing are the key to the success of the Equimins brand.

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EQUIMINS Pro-Bio Probiotic 843EEQUIMINS Pro-Bio Probiotic 843E
EQUIMINS Pro-Bio Probiotic 843E
Regular price£34.90From £20.49
EQUIMINS Udder Cream 862EEQUIMINS Udder Cream 862E
EQUIMINS Udder Cream 862E
From £7.49
EQUIMINS Activated Charcoal EQS0510
EQUIMINS Activated Charcoal EQS0510
Regular price£17.92£16.85
EQUIMINS Linseed Oil 822EEQUIMINS Linseed Oil 822E
EQUIMINS Linseed Oil 822E
From £3.29
EQUIMINS Garlic Granules 3646EQUIMINS Garlic Granules 3646
EQUIMINS Garlic Granules 3646
Regular price£6.95From £3.12
EQUIMINS Advance Concentrate Complete Pellets 878EEQUIMINS Advance Concentrate Complete Pellets 878E
EQUIMINS Advance Concentrate Complete Pellets 878E
Regular price£120.84From £28.26
EQUIMINS Flexijoint 795EEQUIMINS Flexijoint 795E
EQUIMINS Flexijoint 795E
Regular price£108.90From £26.97
EQUIMINS Devils Claw Liquid 828EEQUIMINS Devils Claw Liquid 828E
EQUIMINS Devils Claw Liquid 828E
From £17.49
EQUIMINS Advance Concentrate Complete Powder 879EEQUIMINS Advance Concentrate Complete Powder 879E
EQUIMINS Advance Concentrate Complete Powder 879E
Regular price£47.77From £25.77
EQUIMINS Sand-Ex Pellets EQS0308
EQUIMINS Sand-Ex Pellets EQS0308
Regular price£30.13£28.26
EQUIMINS Msm Cream 837EEQUIMINS Msm Cream 837E
EQUIMINS Msm Cream 837E
From £7.00
EQUIMINS Inner Balance Probiotics 790EEQUIMINS Inner Balance Probiotics 790E
EQUIMINS Inner Balance Probiotics 790E
Regular price£48.50From £22.99
EQUIMINS Biotin Plus 25 773EEQUIMINS Biotin Plus 25 773E
EQUIMINS Biotin Plus 25 773E
From £15.45
EQUIMINS Aloe Vera Juice 769EEQUIMINS Aloe Vera Juice 769E
EQUIMINS Aloe Vera Juice 769E
Regular price£34.44From £9.99
EQUIMINS Cod Liver Oil 779EEQUIMINS Cod Liver Oil 779E
EQUIMINS Cod Liver Oil 779E
Regular price£26.89From £3.89