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  • Shires Rubber Covered Overcheck Bradoon 615

    The rubber mouthpiece used in this bit is strong but light and mild on the horse?s mouth. Perfect for in hand or first ridden. A: 14mm B: 45mm
  • Shires Full Cheek Snaffle With Copper Peanut 6328

    The peanut copper link in this bit provides a warm metal for the horse's mouth and also helps to encourage salivation. This is a great bit for schooling. A: 13mm...
  • Hy Pelham Rounding

    Leather Pelham rounding's with either billet or buckle fastenings. Sold in pairs.
  • Shires Sweet Iron Copper Tom Thumb 507

    The sweet iron and copper combination in this bit help to promote salivation and encourage softening. The cheeks give this bit a lever action. The raised copper ribs can help...
  • Shires Three Ring Dutch Gag Waterford with Sweet Iron Mouth 5226

    An adaptable bit, the lower ring produces more leverage if required. The mouth is made of many links making it difficult to lean against. Fit ¼? - ½? wider than...
  • Shires Dutch Gag 607

    This stainless steel bit is useful when control is an issue - the three rings offer leverage options to increase the severity. The 5" and smaller sizes of this bit...
  • Shires Flexible Rubber Mouth Pelham 573

    This flexible mouth rubber pelham has a thick and soft mouthpiece. Can be used with double reins or pelham roundings. A: 18mm B: 110mm (4.5") 135mm (5" - 5.5")
  • Shires Bevel Bit With Copper Lozenge 526

    Bevel bit allows mild leverage with a copper lozenge to assist with salivation. From a size 5.25" upwards the ring size increases to keep the bit in proportion for larger...
  • Shires Dutch Gag With Waterford Mouth 598

    This Dutch gag has a Waterford mouth made of many different links which makes it hard for the horse to take hold of and pull against it. The gag cheeks...
  • Shires Sweet Iron Bevel Bit 519

    This bit allows mild leverage and helps with control. The sweet iron and copper mouthpiece aids salivation and acceptance of the bit. The ring is larger on the 5" &...
  • Hy Fulmer Loops

    Holds cheek of the fulmer bit in the correct position. Sold in pairs.
  • Shires Hanging Cheek Sweet Iron Snaffle 522

    This hanging cheek bit is useful in allowing a small amount of poll pressure whilst still being a snaffle. The sweet iron and copper link aids salivation and acceptance. A:...
  • Shires Chifney Bit 596

    The Chifney is not designed for riding, but is perfect for leading difficult horses or those that are likely to rear up.
  • Shires Blue Sweet Iron Loose Ring With Mullen Mouth 6357

    The mullen mouth is very stable in the horse?s mouth. It has a medium port creating space for the tongue and relieving pressure. A: 12mm, B: 65mm
  • Shires Closed Spoon Tongue Bit 614

    This stainless steel closed spoon tongue bit has loose rings and a double jointed link to allow movement in the horse?s mouth. It has the addition of another piece of...
  • Hy Trailer Tie with Panic Hook

    Ideal for use inside or outside the lorry/trailer. The quick release panic hook is great for safety and gives you peace of mind whilst travelling and tying.
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