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Beginning as a mere vision for animal enthusiasts Hilary and Tony Self, the Hilton Herbs brand developed out of a stable yard in Surrey in 1990, re-locating to a purpose-built facility in Somerset 3 years later due to company expansion. Ever since, Hilton Herbs has been going from strength to strength, with its founder Hilary qualifying as a Medical Herbalist in 2001, a qualification that has allowed her to formulate and manufacture the company's herbal supplementations herself, reassuring the customer in the knowledge they are administering a tried and tested preparation to their beloved pets.
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  • HILTON HERBS Herballs 1554

    Our delicious healthy green nuggets are made from alfalfa wheat flour and linseed mixed with generous quantities of garlic mint herb oregano herb and rosemary herb. What better or more...
    From £1.95
  • HILTON HERBS Agnus Castus 1594

    Also known as monks pepper or chaste tree this Mediterranean herb has been used for centuries to help maintain a balanced hormonal system in both female and male animals. Ideal...
    From £8.95
  • HILTON HERBS Slippery Elm Powder HHS0990

    A fine powder from the USA. It is rich in mucilage which is both cooling and soothing to the digestive system or any mucous membrane. Nutritive and easy to digest...
  • HILTON HERBS Cleaver & Marigold 1544

    Regarded as 'sister' herbs by herbalists these two plants work together synergistically to enhance each other's actions and are specific for the maintenance of a healthy and efficient lymphatic system....
    From £14.95
  • HILTON HERBS Cush X 1608

    A clinically trialled and tested formula that will help support and maintain a balanced endocrine system in horses and ponies of all ages. We have received excellent feedback on this...
    From £27.45
  • HILTON HERBS Apple Cider Vinegar 3848

    It provides a rich natural source of potassium phosphorus sodium calcium iron and trace elements. Our human grade apple cider vinegar has a minimum acidity level of 5% and is...
    From £4.45
  • HILTON HERBS Bach Flower Recovery Remedy HHS0003

    The best known of all the flower essences. A unique combination of five Bach flower essences considered by many to be an all-purpose comforter and indispensable aid for use during...
  • Hilton Herbs Bye Bye Itch Lotion

    Helps to maintain and support hair re-growth and to soothe sore or irritated skin. Designed to be used throughout the itching season. Contains coconut oil, aloe vera, MSM, rosemary essential...
    From £7.95
  • HILTON HERBS Calm & Collected 1576

    This tried and tested herbal calmer will help your horse maintain a calm healthy and balanced nervous system. We recommend this mix for schooling changes in routine or simply tense...
    From £23.45
  • HILTON HERBS Cush X Gold 4831

    A clinically trialled and tested formula that will help support and maintain a balanced endocrine system in horses and ponies of all ages. We have received excellent feedback on this...
    From £24.45
  • HILTON HERBS Devil'S Claw 3811

    Probably the best known of all the herbs used for the maintenance of equine mobility.
    From £3.95
  • HILTON HERBS Ezee Arnica 1596

    Soothing cooling aloe vera gel with added arnica tincture chamomile and lavender essential oil. Producing an easy to apply gel ideal for minor wounds abrasions and scuffs. We recommend using...
    From £9.45
  • HILTON HERBS Freeway Gold 1581

    The liquid version of our dried formula this tried and tested product will help maintain healthy efficient airways and resistance to irritants and infections all year round. We particularly recommend...
    From £21.95
  • HILTON HERBS Limestone Powder 1561

    Quarried from the carboniferous limestone Mendip Hills in Somerset. This fine calcium rich limestone powder is used primarily for supplementing fast growing youngstock and breeding mares to ensure they maintain...
    From £4.95
  • HILTON HERBS Muscle Magic 1567

    An aqueous cream-based lotion containing lavender essential oil and tinctures of arnica and comfrey ideal for massaging muscles. Can be used routinely before and after physiotherapy or exercise. Do not...
    From £7.45
  • HILTON HERBS Virex 1545

    Taking the finest quality calendula cream witch hazel extract is added with its cooling soothing drying and astringent properties rich and effective calendula oil and thuja the traditional herbal and...
    From £14.95
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