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  • HySHINE Miracle Brush

    The miracle brush is for all horses and ponies with all types of hair and really does work miracles! Gentle on the coat. Can be used when shampooing effectively removes...
  • Shires Detangler Brush 1089

    This multi-purpose brush is a must for any tack box. Gentle yet effective, useful for tackling manes and tails, it also is ideal for cleaning hooves, getting rid of dried...
  • Shires Plastic Curry Comb 1082

    The plastic curry comb can be used to remove mud from winter coats but should not be used on clipped or fine coated horses.

    With lid for drip free storage.
  • HySHINE Multi Colour Face Brush

    Face brush with soft PP bristles and a soft touch cover.
  • Shires Large Body Brushes 1381

    Easy-hold shaped plastic back with soft bristles and web hand strap.
  • SHIRES Reversible Metal Curry Comb 1087

    Makes quick work of brush cleaning. Not for animal use.
  • HySHINE Deluxe Hoof Pick with Brush

    Dark brown lacquered hoof pick complete with a brush.
  • HySHINE Natural Wooden Dandy Brush

    Humpback dandy brush with stiff teal black and white mixed PP bristles.
  • Shires Hoof Pick/Brush 1094

    Strong hoof pick with plastic body, metal pick and tough nylon brush for removing loose mud and dust.
  • VALE BROTHERS Kbf99 Dandy Brush 5055

    The medium stiff fibre is impregnated with the KBF99 additive to give the brush its bacteria and fungus killing properties to assist in the prevention of infection and reinfection of...
  • Shires Giant Mane Comb 1162

    Get through tangled manes quickly with this easy to hold giant plastic mane comb. 220mm long
  • HySHINE Luxury Wooden Mane & Tail Brush

    Tan wooden mane and tail brush with strong bristles.
  • HySHINE Pebble Brush

    A two-in-one grooming tool with bristles on one side to effectively remove dirt mud dried stains; and a massage scrubber on the other side which is ideal for removing loose...
  • HySHINE Pro Groom Dandy Brush

    Two tone soft touch large dandy brush with stiff bristles.
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