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  • FAULKS & COX Tubtrug Dripfeed 9284

    Inspired by horse lovers this treat ball is designed to help improve the general wellbeing of your precious horse. It stimulates natural grazing and increases feeding duration to promote good...
  • LIKIT Stud Muffins 209L

    Hand made with care and devotion fortified with extra protein and flax seeds ensuring they are healthy and enjoyable for your horse. Packaged in a display box.
    From £3.45
  • LIKIT Starter Kit 7500

    This great gift product is ideal for anyone thinking about starting with likits. Contains 1 x likit holder 1 x 100gm mint and eucalyptus snaks 1 x 100gm apple and...
  • LIKIT Multipack LIK0020

    Contains a mixture of the three most popular flavours apple banana and cherry.
  • UNCLE JIMMY'S Licky Thing 3421

    A natural horse treat. Fits most horse treat holders. Helps to relieve boredom in the stable.
  • LIKIT Paddock Likit LIK0045

    A high-spec vitamin and mineral lick with garlic yeast and omega 3 oils. At 8kg it can be used not only in the field but in the stable too.
  • LIKIT Boredom Breaker 1914

    Add likits to the top section and little likits to the ball to keep the horse interested as he searches for a tasty reward. Designed to be hung in the...
  • LIKIT Boredom Buster LIK0155

    Can be used on its own or will attach to the likit holder to make a combination toy. Spins like a tongue twister and moves like a boredom breaker great...
  • HILTON HERBS Herballs 1554

    Our delicious healthy green nuggets are made from alfalfa wheat flour and linseed mixed with generous quantities of garlic mint herb oregano herb and rosemary herb. What better or more...
    From £1.95
  • LIKIT Holder 4406

    Supplied with a strong colourful nylon rope just add a likit (sold separately) to give your horse hours of fun.
  • LIKIT Himalayan Rock Salt Lick LIK0180

    Natural shaped lick with pink rope. Tested 98% pure with added benefits of calcium magnesium sulphate bicarbonate and iron.
  • LIKIT Little Likit Multipack LIK0040

    Contains a mixture of the five most popular flavours 2 x apple and 1 x banana carrot and cherry.
  • LIKIT Snaks 1922

    Ideal for use as a hand fed treat or training reward or used with the snak-a-ball to help relieve boredom. Packaged in a display box. Contains only natural colours and...
    From £13.95

    Delicious and healthy treats made from the finest natural ingredients, including real hedgerow herbs which your horse will love.
  • LIKIT Little Assorted Flavours Pack of 24 521L

    A 250gm treat for use with the boredom breaker the boredom buster and the tongue twister. Also features guide and hold legs for easy insertion into toys. Original: 6 x...
  • LIKIT Snak-A-Ball Spare Lid 1919

    Spare lid for snak-a-ball.
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